I am so happy! I've just had a lovely, lightbulb moment. I spent the best part of yesterday beavering away on my first Illustration Friday entry. I had a few technical mishaps which left me feeling a little deflated last night as I realised I'd missed the deadline. So I've spent the morning finishing off my illustration consoling myself with having a new pic to post on my blog. Duh! Today IS Friday! I can submit it now!

Ok, so my little light bulb moment dimmed somewhat as I realised the image I've posted has a BLACK BLOB ON IT but I have tweaked and it is no more. Unfortunately I now have two images posted, one with a black blob and one without but hey, you live and learn. Maybe someone kind who can, will remove it? Probably not. I'm killing a few birds with this one, I've been grappling with the joys (seriously) of layers on my digital art course, it just gets better.I have to submit three images using layers, one down two to go. Now I'm going to hop back over to IF to fret like a ninny.