let the battle commence

I started this little painting today with the aim of using no drawing, pencil or otherwise to guide me. I am seeing where I stand with regard to outlines, do I need them, what happens if I don't put them in? To be a bit more extreme (if you can use such a word whilst discussing gouache and watercolour) which one do I like the best?

Well, I know which one I find easier to use, that's easy. I'm so used to the way watercolour behaves, what to do if something goes wrong. Gouache, on the other hand seems to like doing its own thing.
Well, obviously I know that's not true. It's just going to take a bit of time until the surprise element goes.
Here's what I found out. 
If you make a mistake you can lift it out.....just.
It can stand overpainting without it looking too muddy.
It seems to eat water if a large drop accidentally falls from your brush
It has a chalky effect that I quite like.
Gouache colours make my palette a little brighter.
I do actually know the difference between the two mediums and am sure I'll be gouaching with the best of them soon. Or at least like a bit less of a novice.

I almost forgot, outlines or not? It was certainly a more measured process as I was trying to get it look like the pencil sketch I'd done earlier. I tried to avoid drawing with the paint too. It's funny, most of these constraints or desires we put on ourselves. I think the ideal will probably be to combine mediums and techniques and not get hung up about the how.