sugar stealer

A recent trip to Venice made me realise how little I look and notice whilst at home. It's a given that around every corner or over every bridge in Venice you are going to see something amazing but whilst there I found myself seeking out, and finding little details of interest everywhere.
So, with this in mind I am challenging myself to see and document something interesting every day - or thereabouts. I'll be posting what I find over on instagram

I've come back to edit my photo and realised that the bulk of this post hadn't been published! It's a little while since I wrote it but I should explain the relevance of the sugar stealer/dandelion clock. From being quite a small child I've always loved them and have quite distinct memories of being transfixed by their perfection, only for a gust of wind to set the tiny seeds flying. I used to make papier mache figures and paintings a long time ago, and dandelion clocks featured heavily in this small painting.

Even now I'm drawn to them, either as a printed image or in real life.