so much news.....

September is upon us and summer appears to have disappeared. I've realised that I've hardly blogged at all this summer, not down to having nothing to tell, rather I have too much. Other people seem to handle this a lot better than me, I'm not naturally the type of person to broadcast things but I seem to be turning keeping things under radar into an art form. I'm hoping this can change really soon. I can't do a recap of everything I've been up to but here's a little snippet.

I've found that as much as I admire simplicity and economy in other's art I find it difficult to employ myself. It was forced upon me recently when I used coloured pencils for some little sketches.

 Coloured pencils are really hard to use. I don't recall them being this tricky when I was younger (though I used to lick the lead to make the colour a bit more intense) though suppose it's like anything. You need to do it lots to improve. I thought I'd bought pretty good quality but I definitely found that some colours respond better than others. I'm sure I'll come back to it again.

 I've also imposed a 'no drawing first' rule on myself which is certainly making me embrace mistakes. It hasn't turned me into a lovely fluid painter, which was my hope but maybe being a quiet, reserved painter is ok. I started painting some small studies for larger works that are completed in my head already. For now they just exist as little studies. They are quite the opposite of fluid but it's good to learn what makes you tick. When I remember, I like to take a quick photo, helping me to see where I need to paint next or colours, proportions I need to try to adjust. It's quite interesting to chart the progress. Here's a teapot, only captured three times unfortunately.

Quite a lot of drybrush used, which I love though it destroys your brushes!

And then the last part, legitimate detailing.

Not the greatest photos I know but the idea's there.