what's a girl to do?

So there I was, happily perusing the lovely search feature in Instagram for my daily fix of inspiration. You know how it is, you scroll down, see something that catches your eye, click, mooch through a few more pics, hit a few likes, follow them if you're lucky and you've struck inspiration gold.

So far so normal. However a moment later I did a proper, double take when my poor brain couldn't really take in what it was seeing. There, in front of me, was an illustration of mine, just not by me. I honestly couldn't take it in at first but one of my little pictures (not such a little one actually) had been copied.

This is odd, I thought and didn't and still don't really know how to react. Perhaps I'm over reacting I thought? Hmm, thought about it for a bit, dug my original out to see if I was being oversensitive, it was a coincidence, whatever but nope, it's the same no matter how many times I look at it.

To all intents and purposes a whole image has been copied, tweaked here and there, with a different colour palette thrown in for good measure but the same. Now, I'm sure this has happened to umpteen people but its still quite odd.

I actually felt a little apologetic for being so uptight as to mind.WHAT! Till I gave myself a talking to and a much needed back bone injection, that seemed to sort it.

Still, I do feel strangely.

Here's a little snippet of mine, the original.

I don't think watermarking your work gets round this problem and there is a big difference between inspiration and outright copying. As I can't think what else to do I'm putting it down to experience.       That usually does the trick.