little grey eyes

Phew. That's better. She was quick, simple and clean, makes me feel calmer just looking at her. I imagine her holding something portentous.......however my skills are not yet up to speed with my imagination so she can stay like that for the time being!

more dong than ding

I'm not too sure about this. After painting it in watercolour it looked a little flat, definitely in need of some oomph. So a punchier colour palette has been attempted and I think it's one to walk away from at the moment.

 Working for any length of time on one image gets you a little blinkered, I think. I need to post something else quickly to take my mind of it. Or just take it off.

in training

I have spent the last two days metaphorically working out, like this guy. Although it mightn't be apparent he is trying very hard to decide the best way forward, just like me. 

He has come to the conclusion that he needs to just get on with it.
As have I.

computer love

I think I'm in love.
I've fallen, hook, line and sinker for the delights of digital art. I can't do it fast enough to learn the next stage. I've had quite a few set backs and I've had the misconception (though perhaps this was just me) that digital art was faster completely shatteredHhhmm.

Now, this doesn't in any way mean I've fallen out of love with watercolour - far from it.
I'm itching to start painting again but for now I'm making do with my pencil and sketchbook, storing up new ideas like a squirrel hoarding nuts. Should keep me busy anyhow.

ding dong

This little dog is waiting patiently, not sure who for. There is a certain air of expectancy that mirrors my own at the moment. I've just started a very steep learning curve, dragging myself into the digital age and I'm really excited. In a quiet, understated kind of way, you understand.


I saw a great picture of Tommy Cooper wearing multiple hats on his head (obligatory fez, of course) during the summer which stuck with me. He had an old, leather flying hat on too, which both dogs are sporting most fetchingly.

Here's what a bit of colour looks like.

here goes

Although I feel like I've spent the last few months drawing nothing but animals a quick trawl through my sketchbooks reveals otherwise.

This little lady is busy painting.....

No idea what they're up to.